Loving Care For Equine In Need!

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Help save horses and donkeys now.

Help save horses and donkeys now.

Help save horses and donkeys now.Help save horses and donkeys now.

2020 Covid-19 National Crisis State of Emergency


Emergency Food Fund

Plan as much as people try when a natural disaster or crisis happens sometimes all our planning is simply not enough.  In an effort to help families in need during this national crisis where we know the need for feed and hay assistance will be greater than normal, we have our Emergency Equine Food Fund as a safety net. 

Assistance is available in various areas of the Arizona White Mountains.  Not everyone will qualify.   You must fill out an application stating your reason for needing this one time assistance with hay and or feed, a phone interview will be done and possibly a site visit.  A review committee makes the determination and the hay/feed will be purchased for the recipient at Tractor Supply in Show Low or Holbrook, or possibly another agreed upon feed store for you or our designated agent to pick up.

Sadly not everyone will qualify as funds are limited and for the most urgent needs.  If yours is more than a short-term situation you may need to consider selling or re-homing your equine or finding additional sources to help provide for them.   We don't have deep pockets but want to help if we can. 

This is a short-term, one-time assistance grant based on emergency need for equines in various areas of the AZ White Mountains.  


To apply you can fill out this form below and we will send you an application or contact 760-703-4860 and if possible we can take an application over the phone.   

We are a 100% volunteer organization so please be patient as our volunteers help as quickly as they can but we are under the same restrictions during this national emergency. 

This Equine Emergency Food Fund is in honor of Hope, pictured below, who was the inspiration to start this safety net after she and her mom were starved to death because the family where they resided did not feed them enough.  Hope died after being at the rescue only a few hours, unable to survive the starvation, her mom died the night before we were asked to step in and help Hope.   May Hope and her mom run the meadows of heaven pain and hunger free.