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Help save horses and donkeys now.

Help save horses and donkeys now.

Help save horses and donkeys now.Help save horses and donkeys now.Help save horses and donkeys now.

What You Need to Know About Our Equine Rescue Services

Can We Take Your Horse?

We are a small rescue organization that provides loving care, but with limited funds or staff. We donate our personal time and property to care for equine, and we aim to continue as long as we can.

Donations graciously given by our supporters pay for the horses and donkeys’ needs, and we could not do this without such wonderful generosity and great discretion on how funds are spent. We have few volunteers since we are very rural, but those are very appreciated for the time they freely give to help these sweet horses.

Though the horses and donkeys enjoy relaxed pasture life in a herd, we have limited space with no free grazing. Because of this, hay and/or feed and supplements must be purchased or donated and fed to every horse.

​Equine WellBeing Rescue, Inc. strives to help horses and donkeys in times of emergency, natural disaster, personal illness, or other unforeseen circumstances. The placement of the equine during such situations may be necessary to prevent starvation, neglect, abuse or anything detrimental to the well-being of the animal.

We also help equines that have been abandoned, abused, neglected, unwanted, starved, or in danger. Our organization provides placement, foster care, housing, medical care, proper nutrition, and other services needed to maintain their well-being.

If you need to find a new home for your equine, please consider all of the above and how you can help. In doing so, here are some things you might want to consider:

Have you advertised your equine on social media, Craigslist, or equine ads to find and 'approve' someone to purchase or take your equine yourself? If so, we will be glad to share your listing and have those interested contact you directly. We will help you network your equine so you can interview, approve, and choose its future owner and keep in touch with them and your equine over the years.

We can discuss questions for interested parties in your process of finding a new home to avoid kill buyers, horse traders, and bad homes. In exchange for our time and efforts, a donation to the equine is appropriate and greatly appreciated.

If we have space and you want your equine to come here, can you provide for the horse's ongoing feed and health care needs? If not, will your friends and family donate to us to help support your horse for the rest of its life? Can you raise funds for us to provide for your horse in other ways? Do you have an asset or items you can sell to raise such funds or donate to us so that we can sell it to raise those funds?

Is your horse untrained or untamable? Please realize we are not a training facility, but we will be glad to recommend a trainer. In doing so, we will share your information on our social media if you provide us with a complete post with a picture, details about the horse, and your contact information.

If you are rehoming your equine because it is lame, disabled, in poor health, elderly, or a 'companion only', have you considered all options including humane euthanasia? By asking us to take your equine, you are asking us to decide when it should be put down. Passing that decision on to us is very unfair. I can discuss options with you and, if appropriate, refer you to financial resources available for humane euthanasia.

Do not tell me you do not want your equine to go to an auction, and that is why you are contacting us. What that tells me is that you are willing to get rid of it or you are using that as leverage so that we will jump in to save the equine. I find that very dishonest, making me mad and less willing to help. If you take your equine to an auction and a kill buyer purchases it—that is on you, not me.

The well-being of horses and donkeys in our care is our number one priority. They are loved, and if not adoptable, will peacefully live out their days here. We do not take this huge responsibility lightly. We cannot put those presently in our care at risk by taking on more than we are able to realistically provide for, nor will we adopt out without great scrutiny just to move an equine along so we can take in more.

I get calls, emails, and messages almost daily for horses and donkeys in need. I wish we could help everyone but we simply cannot. That weighs very heavy on my heart and can be overwhelming at times. I wish we had an endless stream of donations coming in but we do not.

We have wonderful supporters who believe in our mission and donate to help us take care of horses and donkeys. We respect their hard-earned donations and deeply appreciate all the support we receive, so we are very careful to not overextend our needs.

If you need to find a new home for your equine, please consider what you are asking of any rescue. If you are told “no” or “we cannot help,” understand that those words are just as painful for us to say as they are for you to hear.

If you have an emergency or urgent need that falls within our mission statement, please contact me and we will do our very best to help you.