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Help save horses and donkeys now.

Help save horses and donkeys now.

Help save horses and donkeys now.Help save horses and donkeys now.

At Equine WellBeing Rescue, Inc., when we have horses or donkeys available for adoption, we get the word out using our blog, Facebook, and our email network. If someone is interested, they will be completing an adoption application, followed by an interview and if approved, signing an adoption contract. This contract will give us the first right of refusal before the  is ever rehomed and will give the adopter the ability to return the horse for any reason. Horses and donkeys are not to be flipped or sold, given away, or loaned out. References will also be checked as part of the process.  

Horses, donkeys and minis are herd animals and need companionship of other equine for their wellbeing.  One of our adoption criteria is that there be a companion equine for any of ours being adopted. 

If we are networking a horse for someone else, we are simply sharing their information and usually, you will be working directly with the owner with our assistance. If you would like to know if we could take your equine, feel free to contact us today.

If you are interested in adoptions, please fill out the form below: